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PS3 black screen and freeze with Netflix, Hulu plus, and Home

I spent a few days trying to figure out why my netflix, hulu and Home stop working on my PS3.

I tried everything, formatting the hd, reset to default settings, change resolution, hold the POWER button for 5 secs, reinstalling those Applications, nothing worked.

The only thing that worked was to reinstall firmware 3.55 again using the following instructions.

Follow "Activating Safe Mode" from the link below and then select the option to update the firmware from a USB drive.

Get the firmware from the link below put it on the right PS3/update folder on a USB key/drive:

After the firmware was updated to the same 3.55 version I already had, NetFlix, Hulu, MLB.TV and Home all magically started to work again.

So it seems that Sony screwed up, with the update made from inside XMB in some manner.

I hope this is useful to someone else, I wish I could get back my …

A feature to move running apps between different graphical sessions

I would love to see a feature on Wayland or xorg, that would allow for a running application to move from one graphical server to another, if the user has permissions for that.
I know this is tricky. But it would be super useful.
Imagine is a user has his desktop running and fully loaded with apps, and then it uses ssh or nxclient to connect to that machine. The user would be able to list all graphical apps running under his id in any display servers are running on that machine. It would then be possible run some command to transfer the output of a certain app to your current display server. When the user is done with the app, the app should return to the original display server.
All of this would work without ever having to close or restart the app.
Sweet dreams :)

Bluetooth Headset on Ubuntu

Pulse audio device choser:
sudo apt-get install paprefs paman padevchooser Switch to PulseAudio by going into System -> Preferences -> Sound. Go into the Devices tab and change the Sound playback option for everything from Autodetect to PulseAudio Sound Server.

Use the gnome Bluetooth device wizard to pair your headset to the desktop

When the device is in pair mode you can type to learn the device unique ID
$ hcitool scan
Scanning ...
00:1F:82:28:XX:XX DR-BT101

create the file in $HOME/.asoundrc with the correct device ID:

pcm.bluetooth {
type bluetooth
device 00:1F:82:28:XX:XX
profile "auto"
type to test if the it's working:
mplayer -ao alsa:device=bluetooth ANY_MP3_FILE.mp3
Ubuntu Jaunty 64 bit:

You need some extra 32 bit libraries to make skype bluetooth work on Ubuntu 64 bit.


getlibs -p bluez
getlibs -p bluez-alsa
A more sophisticated Bluetooth Manager (not needed):

Add this source
deb http://pp…

G2 review, rooting and Wifi tether.

I got the new G2 from TMobile (full price), It sounded like a great device when I got it according to the specs and the standard android build.

But HTC and TMobile got together to remove some functionality from the hardware and software and deceive the their customers by never document these restrictions, in the store or the documentation that comes with the device.

The bad:
- The G2 has a anti root mechanism
- The 4Gb internal storage is consumer fraud, the device might have a 4G internal storage but the user is only allowed to use 1.3Gb from the 4GB. Terrible deal for the price and similar devices like the Samsung Vibrant has 16Gb built in storage available and visible to the user, except for OS binaries. The G2 is missing 2Gb, the OS reporting tools don't even display 4Gb anywhere.
- The G2 has built in apps that you can't remove, twitter, web2go, quickoffice and photobucket. It's ok to pre-install these, but blocking the customer from removing these apps is a terrible …

How to use vpnc with a cisco vpn server

Build vpnc with Hybrid support need by the cisco vpn.
sudo apt-get build-dep vpnc

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

mkdir -p ~/tmp/vpnc

cd ~/tmp/vpnc

apt-get source vpnc

cd vpnc-0.5.3r449

# Edit the file Makefile and uncomment line


# Remove existing vpnc
sudo apt-get remove vpnc
sudo dpkg -i ../vpnc_0.5.3r449-2_i386.debVerify the hybrid mode by executingvpnc --version| grep -i auth
Supported Auth-Methods: psk psk+xauth hybrid(rsa)Extract/Convert Root Cert and Profiles
Download MacOS Cisco VPN client your_company_cisco_client.dmg
Mount HFS Archive to copy the files needed
sudo mkdir /tmp/cisco sudo mount -t hfsplus your_company_cisco_client.dmg /tmp/cisco -o loop cd /tmp/cisco cp -r Profiles/ rootcert cd sudo umount /tmp/cisco sudo rmdir /tmp/cisco
Use pcf2vpn to convert files.
mkdir ~/vpnc
$ for file in Profiles/*.pcf; \ do basename=`basename "$file"`; \ /usr/share/vpnc/pcf2vpnc Profiles/"$basename" ~/vpnc/"${basename%pcf}vpnc"; \ do…

Using a socks proxy

#ssh to a machine on the network you need access and start # a local socks server ssh -D 9999
# setweb browser proxy to proxy: localhost:9999
# To use other apps with socks install sudo apt-get install tsocks
# Change config file to (remove everything else) /etc/tsocks.conf server = server_port = 9999
# ssh to a machine tsocks ssh -X
# eclipse to a machine tsocks eclipse
reference: using tsocks for tunneling cmds lines and everything else

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick on Lenovo Q150

New related post Ubuntu 12.04 on Lenovo Q150 with OCZ SSD and 4Gb of Memory.
The Lenovo Q150 comes Atom D510 and the nvidia Ion gfx, 2GB of ram and a 250 GB HD.
I decided to install the 32 bit version of Ubuntu since flash more stable under 32 bit linux. I also installed:
ubuntu tweakxbmcmirominitube (youtube player, faster than flash)huludesktopboxeeskypecoolirischromiumshotwell
The latest version of Ubuntu contains updates to the kernel, alsa and nouveau nvidia drivers. The new opensource drivers seems as fast as the proprietary drivers when playing video and this is great. It also detects the nvidia HDMI sound card out of the box. So the biggest difference compared to 10.04 is that using the opensource drivers you can play video at 1080p full-screen without problems and HDMI sound card works.
- Basic installation from a USB key works fine. - HDMI/VGA and sound out, little USB keyboard/mouse works fine.
- Dual boot with Windows 7 works fine.
- Detects the nvidia HDMI sound card.

Lenovo Q150 pics

The box comes with a
LQ150 desktop
small wireless keyboard/mousevesa mount (mount to the back of TV)base mount (desk base)Specs are:
Atom D510 Dual Core/64 bit250 Gb WD HD2Gb DDR2 MemWireless Card100Mb EthernetNVidia ION gfx
Some pics:

More Pics:


Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid on a Lenovo Q150

The Lenovo Q150 comes Atom D510 and the nvidia Ion gfx, 2GB of ram and a 250 GB HD.

I decided to install the 32 bit version of Ubuntu Lucid since flash is more stable under 32 bit linux. I also installed:
ubuntu tweakxbmcmirominitube (youtube player, faster than flash)huludesktopboxeeskypecoolirisAdded this repository to enabled sound thru HDMI port
I upgraded upgrade alsa packages to 1.0.23 and kernel to 2.6.35-6-generic and the nvidia drivers 256.35, using the following repositories:

deb lucid main
deb-src lucid main

deb lucid main
deb-src lucid main

After the kernel, nvidia and alsa update and a reboot, start alsamixer and unmute the S/PDIF devices on the HDA NVidia sound card.

Status with lucid out of the box:
- Basic installation from a USB key works fine.
- VGA and sound out, works fi…

DLink DWA-131 usb wireless on Ubuntu 10.10

#Get the firmware
wget sudo mkdir /lib/firmware/RTL8192SU sudo cp rtl8192sfw.bin /lib/firmware/RTL8192SU # unplug and plug the device again, this should make it work
# This will load r8192s_usb module

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid running on MacBook Pro

Got my hands on a MacBook Pro, nice hardware :).

I don't really like the wireless card,
intel wireless would be better,
and I would prefer Intel to nvidia gfx,
but the rest is OK.

The config is very stable running Karmic or Lucid.
Started by using Lucid 32 bit with pae kernel,
and moved to the 64 bit in April, and works great also.

Yesterday night found some time to write up:

Seems pretty easy, and works great.