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Ubuntu 12.10 running on VirtualBox

If you run Ubuntu 12.10 without 3D support, desktop is slow but it should work fine without problems, if you want 3D support to get a speedy desktop read below.

Here are the steps I followed, it should also work on win 7 64: Install VirtualBox-4.2.5-82494-OSX.dmg, Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.2.5-82494.vbox-extpack.In ubuntu "sudo /media/lafa/VBOXADDITIONS_4.2.5_82479/" to install guest additions.Enable 3D Acceleration in Vbox Settings rebooted the Ubuntu execute "ccsm" go to OPENGL and disable everything (sync,texture,framebuffer,vertex, buffer swapping), this makes Compiz work a lot more stable, in VirtualBox.On the host os run "VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/Customizations noStatusBar", to help "Guest display is offset on retina display", until this bug is fixed. I still have a problem when running in windowed mode, and the bug is: In Full Screen mode, the mouse works great, but in my macbook pro 15 reti…