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TMobile network speed using HTC G2 tethered to my old R50p

Here are a couple of TMobile network speed tests servers using my G2 and tethering to my old thinkpad R50p.

Reporting appliance power consumption over powerline

Here is a idea I had for appliances resource consumption reporting (ARC).
This post describes an appliance standard for energy consumption reporting, with extensions to report consumption of other resources. (Powerline products extend Internet access to any existing power outlet. Netgear and other brands sell devices with this techonology).
Below a a description of a method of producing and distributing this information in a home network environment with support for powerline networking: Add built-in powerline (network using the electrical cables) support to a fridge, toaster, microwave, tv, ps3, xbox etc. This would allow all appliances to be connect to a in home network. I'm assuming this would add 10-50$ extra to the cost of producing the appliances.Add power-line support to home routers (dlink, netgear and all other brands of wireless routers should come with power-line support by default).Create a standard for the appliances to find the home routers using the powerline connectio…