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Android LG optimus v factory reset

NOTE: didn't worked for me, I returned the phone in the end.

Android LG optimus v factory reset
1. Turn off your LG Optimus V.

2. Press and hold the following keys for over 5 seconds: Down volume key + Home + Power

3. When the power turns on, release these keys.

3G Drops & Standby Battery Drain (Solutions)

The steps were as follows:

* Check "Time Without a Signal": Home, Menu, Settings, About Phone, Battery Use, click "Cell Standby" and not the value. It should be close to 0% if you've been in 3G range. 50% indicates a definite problem.

To "Fix" - Note the original poster says this change will reset if you reboot the phone and need to be redone:

* Dial *#*#4636#*#* which will go to the phone's "Testing" menu.
* Click "Phone Information", then Menu, then click "Select radio band".
* Click "Force Close" and return back to "Phone Information"
* Scroll down to "Set preferred network type:"
* Click…