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Note on GPS GSM GPRS Watch tracker

Mini Candy Color GPS GSM GPRS Kid Watch tracker gps personal tracker for child kids elderly with free mini colorful power bank Text extracted using google translate from chinese to english.
Link where I got the GPS clock Page 1

Hardware Description LED display Time display battery level display USB interface microphone hole - switch button 9 (tP one nursing a reset hole TL-- SOS button on the device via SMS and GPRS forms quickly transmit its location information to The phone and the computer can check the health of the locator device platform default login account by accessing the online service platform or mobile phone is attached to the back of the machine's IMEI number, the platform default password is: 125456

Page 2

lf-- Accessories USB charging cable charger manual

Page 3

Producing product features --- JP) dual positioning; SOS distress; sos I encountered an emergency situation, press the SOS…

Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 running with HiDPI support and touch screen

Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 running on Yoga Pro 2 with HiDPI support

See my previous post on how to install Ubuntu on Yoga Pro 2 for Ubuntu GNOME 14.10.

I think Ubuntu GNOME is the best flavor of Ubuntu if you are running HiDPI mode 3200x1200. All screen captured images are at HiDPI resolution.

Until Ubuntu 15.04 is released in April, you can get a daily build of for 15.04.

Yoga Keys boot key
F12 - Boot menu to select booting from usb drive
F2 - Bios Menu

Power down the computer. Push the “novo” button ounce or press F2 while booting, to force the computer to enter into BIOS menus. Disable “Security Boot” and disable “Lenovo Fast Boot”. Leave UEFI option turned on since Ubuntu supports UEFI out of the box.

I also enabled the Functions keys in the BIOS by default but this is a personal preference.

Create to boot USB disk
Format your flash drive with a single FAT32 partition.  Copy the contents of the Ubuntu ISO (use your favorite archiving tool - 7zip f…