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LVM tools in Ubuntu Jaunty

Jaunty comes with 2 useful tools to setup LVM. KVPM is a KDE based tool, but works fine in gnome. System-config-lvm is gnome based tool that also works well is KDE. KVPM was easier to use. Both tools still require the creation of the lvm partitions before using the tools.

KVPM Disk view

KVPM volume group view

System-config-lvm main view

How to get 4GB in Ubuntu 32 bit

In case you added 4Gb or more of memory to your ubuntu 32 bit OS, you will notice that "free -m" only reports the OS using around 3.3Gb. This is behavior is related to technical hardware issue of old 32 Bit systems.

The 64 bit version of Ubuntu does not have this problem, it will detect the full memory.
But if you running 32 bit version, there is a work around to make all 4Gb available to the OS.

- Install the PAE enabled Kernel

sudo apt-get update
sudo sudo apt-get install linux-headers-server linux-image-server linux-server

- Reboot

sudo reboot