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Android Phone - TMobile G1

Today I replaced my iPAQ hw6515 with a android phone - The TMobile G1 from HTC.

For now the experience has been very positive.

- OS is amazing, compared with my PocketPC device. Supports WIFI, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, USB connectivity, charges thru USB cable, visible on Ubuntu has a USB hard drive.
- Browser supports multiple windows
- IM support for gtalk, yahoo, msn aol
- Voice Dialing.
- Google Maps, GMail, Regular Email, Goggle Calendar, Google Contacts, GTalk
- Automatic sync of gmail, calendar, contacts, with your google account.
- keyboard, search keyboard key, Configurable key short cuts to start any App

Apps I Like:
- imeem mobile is so COOL. Web Radio/Music, on the android. Built-in amazon Music Store App.
- "Compare Everywhere" and "ShopSavvy" are very useful apps to check for store and web prices near where you are, just by scanning product bar codes.
- Web Browser, youtube, The weather Channel
- PicSay (Add text to pictures using the android)

Not so Good:
- When char…