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Android Phone - TMobile G1

Today I replaced my iPAQ hw6515 with a android phone - The TMobile G1 from HTC.

For now the experience has been very positive.

- OS is amazing, compared with my PocketPC device. Supports WIFI, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, USB connectivity, charges thru USB cable, visible on Ubuntu has a USB hard drive.
- Browser supports multiple windows
- IM support for gtalk, yahoo, msn aol
- Voice Dialing.
- Google Maps, GMail, Regular Email, Goggle Calendar, Google Contacts, GTalk
- Automatic sync of gmail, calendar, contacts, with your google account.
- keyboard, search keyboard key, Configurable key short cuts to start any App

Apps I Like:
- imeem mobile is so COOL. Web Radio/Music, on the android. Built-in amazon Music Store App.
- "Compare Everywhere" and "ShopSavvy" are very useful apps to check for store and web prices near where you are, just by scanning product bar codes.
- Web Browser, youtube, The weather Channel
- PicSay (Add text to pictures using the android)

Not so Good:
- When charging the phone you can not use the headset to listen to music. Both the charger and the headset use the same plug.
- On heavy use using GPS, 3G, Bluetooth, wifi doing music/web/IM the device lasted 5-6 hours.
- Can't talk on the phone and browse web at same time (this is probably a network restriction shared by all other phones, but is still very annoying).
- Device does not have a lot of internal storage, so if you install a few apps from Market, it's very easy to run out of internal storage.

- The G1 is an amazing phone. It works well doe snot crash or freeze like my pocketpc used to.
- Goggle Sync is so useful and amazing.
- Market is easy and you can find hundreds of useful apps (the bad thing is that you might run out of space if you install them all)
- The combination of all the apps on Market and the default Apps in the phone, make this the most user friendly, and useful phone I owned till today.
- I use the phone every day for non-phone related issues. Checking prices in the web why I go to a store. Find stores, restaurants. View a review before going to a restaurant. IM a friend. Check Maps for directions, check the dictionary on the web, check wikipidea, view my gmail, call thru skype, kill some time playing games, listen to web radio, podcast, utube videos, npr programs, npr web radio, my mp3 collection, buy music from amazon, scanning a book bar-code and perform a text search on the book.

This is truly a awesome phone. For next iteration would add a battery with higher capacity, allow charging and listening to music at same time, more internal storage or run the OS from the SDHC card, stereo bluetooth, tether data connection using bluetooh or USB.


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