Ubuntu install K360 keyboard and M325, M557, M720 mice, logitech unifying support for linux

I have a K360 Bluetooth keyboard, a M557, M720 Bluetooth mice and M325 mouse.

I've been using these devices for years with Ubuntu [from 16.04 to 20.04] without problems. The Bluetooth stack on Ubuntu in much better now, i have a Yoga 920 laptop where I test use these devices.

I used the usb plug from the M325 mouse and it just works out of the box

Also installed solaar

sudo apt install solaar

Solaar allows you to pair one logitech usb dongle with many logitech USB devices, this way you don't need to use 2 USB dongles from logitech on the same computer.

For the K360 keyboard, M557 and M720 mice, I just use the Bluetooth section on Gnome setting panel and it works great.

This post was created with the K360 keyboard and M325  mouse.

In Ubuntu 20.04 all the special Keys in the K360 work and even the windows key on the M557 also works of of the box.

Some other old references:
using cmd line: https://github.com/treeder/logitech_unifier


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