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A feature to move running apps between different graphical sessions

I would love to see a feature on Wayland or xorg, that would allow for a running application to move from one graphical server to another, if the user has permissions for that.
I know this is tricky. But it would be super useful.
Imagine is a user has his desktop running and fully loaded with apps, and then it uses ssh or nxclient to connect to that machine. The user would be able to list all graphical apps running under his id in any display servers are running on that machine. It would then be possible run some command to transfer the output of a certain app to your current display server. When the user is done with the app, the app should return to the original display server.
All of this would work without ever having to close or restart the app.
Sweet dreams :)

Bluetooth Headset on Ubuntu

Pulse audio device choser:
sudo apt-get install paprefs paman padevchooser Switch to PulseAudio by going into System -> Preferences -> Sound. Go into the Devices tab and change the Sound playback option for everything from Autodetect to PulseAudio Sound Server.

Use the gnome Bluetooth device wizard to pair your headset to the desktop

When the device is in pair mode you can type to learn the device unique ID
$ hcitool scan
Scanning ...
00:1F:82:28:XX:XX DR-BT101

create the file in $HOME/.asoundrc with the correct device ID:

pcm.bluetooth {
type bluetooth
device 00:1F:82:28:XX:XX
profile "auto"
type to test if the it's working:
mplayer -ao alsa:device=bluetooth ANY_MP3_FILE.mp3
Ubuntu Jaunty 64 bit:

You need some extra 32 bit libraries to make skype bluetooth work on Ubuntu 64 bit.


getlibs -p bluez
getlibs -p bluez-alsa
A more sophisticated Bluetooth Manager (not needed):

Add this source
deb http://pp…