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Running Windows 10 on Ubuntu with support for 2D accelerated video, disk, network and touch support

How to run windows with acceleration support on Ubuntu 17.10
This works on 17.10, 17.04, 16.10, 16,04.

This setup will accelerate the virtual VM for disk, network, video, random device and memory, it also adds support for touch screen for windows 10 running inside Ubuntu.

Download the iso for windows 10 from Microsoft web site, install the image using regular gnome-boxes interface.
Goto to and download the Spice Windows guest tools, to allow copy paste and resize when running under boxes, and install it.
I also installed the guest-agent available inside the virtio-win-XXX.iso cd image under the guest agent folder. Then download the virtio-win-XXX.iso from here, pick the latest version. Goto the device manager browser on windows 10 and click on all devices with problems, and point these to the where the cdrom is and select update.

Do the same for the display driver…

A Look inside the Asus C302 chromebook

Here are some internal pictures of the Asus C302 chromebook. You will need to remove the back feet to be able to open it. The feets are glued and there is a screw under each foot. Asus C302 is a 64 Gb disk, 4Gb of ram, Intel core m3 model.