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DFU Mode Arduino UNO without soldering

I did these steps after I loaded and "empty" sketch to the board.

void setup(){}
void loop(){}
$ sudo aptitude install dfu-programmer

$ wget --no-check-certificate
$ md5sum Arduino-usbserial-uno.hex
8e01ee236e70bbea43f7eb4e11c9688a Arduino-usbserial-uno.hex

0) connect your board to the pc
1) insert 2 wires in GND pins according to the picture above
2) hold the "wire 1" on the top left 8u2 ICSP pad (AREF)
3) touch the "wire 2" against the left side of the capacitor below the RX LED (leds will blink)
4) remove the "wire 2" wire
5) remove the "wire 1" wire
NOTE: in step 3, my board actually has 2 capacitors instead of one like displayed in the picture, use the capacitor below the RX LED.

UPLOAD THE NEW FIRMWARE (console commands)
$ sudo dfu-programmer at90usb82 erase
$ sudo dfu-programmer at90usb82 flash Arduino-usbserial-uno.hex
$ sudo dfu-programmer at90usb82 reset

disconnect the board from the pc
reconnect it and you are done

NOTE: when you are done remove dfu-programmer package from Ubuntu since this package require the arduino IDE and some other tools and those versions don't work with Arduino UNO board.
Most of these instructions were copied form MementoMori posts on,52447.0.html


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  2. Thank you. i was able to bring up my Audrino uno back to life. Thought i have to spend again to buy another one.


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