Installing Ubuntu linux Asus C302C or Acer spin 713 Chromebooks

Check here how to flash the rom

Check here to see if you should use Legacy or UEFI ROM

I used UEFI for both laptops

Asus C320C write protection removal

Removed screw and close your laptop to enable the bios be overwritten

Acer spin 713 (cp713-3W) write protection removal

Disconnect the battery cable, be care full since the battery is lose, when you remove the screws and remove the cover. I use one of those plastic phone openers to go around the edge, if you open the screen a little bit, is easy to insert the plastic or your nails to start poping the metal bottom. since the battery is lose, put the laptop horizontal before finishing removing the bottom cover.


after that

Used mrchromebox to install a new bios on the asus chromebook


I installed Ubuntu 23.04 and upgraded to Ubuntu 23.10 on the command line

do-release-upgrade -d

Enabled Secure Boot on the Bios after installing Ubuntu 23.10


Fix sound on Ubuntu 23.10 by installing drivers using

Headset and HDMI sound works as designed after the script is executed.

You can use the cmd below to restart the sounds service, in case it stops working.

 systemctl --user restart pipewire.service


I installed 

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

To enabled right click on the trackpad with 2 fingers, and used the track-pad settings to increase acceleration.

Firefox touch support

This worked for me:

  1. edit /etc/security/pam_env.conf and add MOZ_USE_XINPUT2 DEFAULT=1

  2. reboot and restart firefox


To manage logitech devices install 
sudo apt install solaar


Laptop is fully functional, besides the problems listed below. Battery life time is awesome. trackpad, wifi, bluetooth, physical power volume buttons, sleep, hibernate, power modes, usbc hdmi video/sound work as designed.

Video Meetings work fine on chromium browser on Firefox video and sound is using a lot of CPU and freezes the browser.


For the Acer spin 713

The Acer works great out of the box. Chromebook keys where working out of the box.

Problems I still have

1- sdcard reader is not detected. Laptop keyboard back light is not working.

2 - tablet mode

Does not disable the keyboard and trackpad in tablet mode, or pop the software keyboard when needed. Rotation works fine

3 - USB C external monitor is not working, not idea why.

For the Asus C302C

Fix keyboard special keys

cd ~/Downloads; sudo apt-get -y install curl; curl -LOk; tar -zxvf master.tar.gz; cd CBFixesAndTweaks-master; sudo -E bash

This copies the /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc file with a new included in the tgz.

Fix sound pops

Remove Pops from sound speakers using this

but I still get the pops sometimes, but less.

Problems I still have

1 - soundcard

the sounds card works with a headset and udbc/hdmi monitor after using the github scripts, but it shows 4 hdmi devices and a soundcard and 2 mics.
The soundcard does not work with the laptop speakers.  

2 - tablet mode
screen does not rotate, in tablet mode. also it does not disable the keyboard and trackpad in tablet mode.


Bios Update

 Use instructions 

cd; curl -LO && sudo bash

Make sure secure boot is disable on the bios otherwise the script won't be able to update the bios, you can re-enable after the update.


Another set of linux adio scripts that are not test on ubuntu, but should work.