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Hardware Description LED display Time display battery level display USB interface microphone hole - switch button 9 (tP one nursing a reset hole TL-- SOS button on the device via SMS and GPRS forms quickly transmit its location information to The phone and the computer can check the health of the locator device platform default login account by accessing the online service platform or mobile phone is attached to the back of the machine's IMEI number, the platform default password is: 125456

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lf-- Accessories USB charging cable charger manual

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Producing product features --- JP) dual positioning; SOS distress; sos I encountered an emergency situation, press the SOS button lip GPS satellite positioning and monitoring base pairs Ill achieve all-weather real-time location tracking. That issued a distress message to the guardian. Remote monitoring of high-sensitivity microphone, using three kinds of intelligent power-saving power-saving mode, long standby. 101 persons have an emergency situation, the real-time monitoring equipment surrounding sounds, electronic fence: device-centric historical trajectory map delineated eleven running track. When the query regions anywhere in the device for three months, the area immediately to the police. Time display lesial GSM quad-band systems; when accurate timing, without having to manually tune 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz ilmaps whole time.

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Product specifications technical parameters 850MHz / 900MHz / GSM frequency bands 800MHz / 1900MHz MTKG260 / UB × 7020 GSM / GPS Class 12, TCP / IP GPRS MODULE buildin GSM- 150dBm GPS sensitivity GPS positioning accuracy GSM positioning accuracy 50-200 m 0.1 m / s maximum speed precision altitude 18,000 meters
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Battery capacity 3.7v 450mA Dimensions (case) 38.0 (L) x 35.0 (W) x15.0 (H) mm Weight 44.59 Operating temperature -20. . . +70 ° C and humidity 20% -80% RH average standby current <1 .0ma="" div="" f51="">
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Instructions watch the boot steps will watch the back cover open, insert the SIM card; installed rear; two, press the power button, the device is turned; note Lili use the GSM network SIM card; 2. Be sure to shut down in order to put a SIM card, otherwise it will burn card; 3. SIM card must be inserted correctly, otherwise it will damage the SIM 43 SIM card number of studies need to open GPRS function; 5, SIM card terminals need to open the Caller ID; 6, used his mobile phone SIM card within the terminal, play General said that SIM is installed correctly. Watch time without adjustment; when GPS accurate timing, without having to manually adjust the time. Watch Charge Description: full, if not on, the display will show a battery icon and the word "ok"; if the boot, the display of the battery icon is full grid.
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WEB service platform 'into the WEB version of the service platform, fill in the user name. Landing. | | BFRI 1 landing "and the verification code, click click" verification code into the platform interface. The default login password and device platform behind the machine account is posted IMEI number, the default password is: 123456 Android smartphone client or Apple smartphone users log ---------------- Download And roid or ios client software. WEB version using the same username / password, enabling a single division under monitoring interface, real-time tracking, track playback and issued directives and other advanced features.

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Setting Description Setting Description Terminal Terminal (via SMS Note: The first step after purchase center located 114 number and center number is not set all the alarm functions will not achieve the device default password is: 123456. instruction, "we should In English input method input, otherwise an invalid instruction, instruction set center number: pw, password, Center, phone number # using a cell phone SIM card to the terminal number to send text messages; pw, 123456, center, 13888888888 # after such a successful end! Returns: the center number is set successfully I 2, delete command center number: pvr, password, Center, d # using a central number to the SIM card number to send SMS terminal; Pw, 123456, center, terminal returns after setting success: center number has been deleted! 3. Set the listener number command: monitor, phone number # to end the use of mobile phones SIM card number to send text messages; monitor, 13888888888 # as successful terminal returns: monitor number is set successfully!
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4, check the address position penalty Chinese instruction: Use the center number 125 to the terminal SIM card number to send text messages; successful positioning terminal returns the device where the Chinese position as: Futian District, Shenzhen Huaqiang North SEG economic Building 6015, modify the password command: pw . Password # m center number to the terminal using the SIM card number to send text messages; pw, 123456 # Set successful terminal returns: password successfully i password is: 1234566, upload interval command: upload, Time # using a central number to the terminal SIM card number Send SMS; upload. 15 # terminal returns: Not back I 7, set the SOS number command: sos. no1, phone number # using a cell phone SIM card to the terminal number to send text messages; 505,00 i, 13888888888 # terminal number is set to return vSOS success!

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8, remove the SOS number command: sos, no 1. d # using a cell phone SIM card to the terminal number to send text messages; sos. no1. d # Set successful terminal returns: SOS command set successfully! 9, restore factory settings command: factory # using a cell phone SIM card to the terminal number to send text messages; factory # Set the successful return to the terminal 10, the restart command: reset # using a central number to the SIM card number to send SMS terminal; the machine will automatically restart 11, confirmed Alarm command: alarm # Use center number to the terminal SIM card number to send SMS; alarm # terminal returns: alarm has been lifted I 10

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12.138 software version command: verriod terminal returns: the version number and the date and time 13, a high-performance mode setting command: ml, interval # using a central number to the SIM card number to send SMS terminal; mL, 154 notes, set up after the success of the device available for 6-10 hours, recommended time interval is set to 150 I 14, the general pattern of instruction: m 2, interval # to end the use of the SIM card number to send SMS center number; m2, 600 # notes, set up after the success of the device can be used 40-60 hour return period of not less than 300 seconds to 600 seconds is recommended! 15, a power-saving mode command: m3, interval # use center number to the SIM card number to send SMS terminal;, m3, 6004 notes, did not buy the equipment available 60-80 hours after the success of this feature for base station location [

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16, the query coordinate command: W, COORDINATE # terminal returns the device is currently coordinates 17, check IMEI instructions: W, IMEI # returns the device is currently number IMEI 18, set the domain directive: W, 012, domain name, port # terminal will reply: Domain Settings Success! 19, in English and switching instructions: W, LANGUAGE, 0086 # Reply language setting success! Reply to the Chinese instructions: W, LANGUAGE, 0044 # Reply language settings successful reply is in English! 20, the time zone setting command: w, TIMEZONE, just reply to the time zone setting terminal success!

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Warranty Card Product Name Model 3 units sold Purchase Date Name the product serial number! Phone user address maintenance personnel fault content service date IRI tear this warranty certificate, and produce 2.2 during maintenance: Document lost without replacement.

1. KEY/BUTTON Pictures
Product Features
*GSM Quad-band global using worldwide
*GPS continuous locating, GPRS report regularly
*Support SMS query location information
*Three SOS specific number can be set up for remote monitoring and alarm
*Can realize remote voice monitoring function
*Low battery alarm function
3. Appearance of the terminal
4. Technical Parameters
GSM Frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
GPRS Class 12,TCP/IP build in GSM MODULE
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
GPS location accuracy 10m (2D RM)
LBS location accuracy 50-200m
Speed accuracy 0.1m/Second
GPS cold start <38 div="" second="">
GPS warm start <32 div="" second="">
GPS hot start <2 div="" second="">
Maximum Elev 18,000m
battery capacity 3.7V 450mA
maximum speed 515m/second
external dimension 38.0(L)x35.0(W)x15.0(H)mm
Weight 15g
Working temperature - 20°C - +70°C
Working humidity 20%~80%RH
voltage 4.2V
Average standby current <10ma div="">
5. Get ready for the use
5.1 Open the box, and check equipment model is correct, accessories is complete or not, otherwise, please contact your dealer.
5.2 SIM card choice, terminal need to insert a GSM SIM card, the choice of SIM card please refer the the opinion of dealer.
Please use GSM Network SIM Card;
Please power off before install or remove the SIM card;
Terminal SIM card need to open the GPRS function;
Terminal SIM card need to open the Caller Identification function.
5.3 Installation Instructions:
6. Working mode
There are four work modes for this device:
Mode 1 (Standard Mode)
Terminal GPS work all the time, and upload data regularly .
Mode 2 (Power Saving Mode, defaults mode for the terminal)
The terminal immediately report data after GPS positioning, and then go to sleep situation. 10 minutes (The Minimum time of this mode is 5 minutes) later Automatic open GPS. Such a cycle working (If not position successfully will upload base station location data, and need platform to support)
Mode 3 (Base Station Location Mode)
GPS do not work, gain base station positioning data and report (Need platform to support)
GPS will be wake up when Centre number dial in or send SMS to the terminal, working 2 minutes and then sleep.
Mode 4 (No Platform Mode, The Minimum Power Consumption)
This mode do not need platform, only reply in the use of url# SMS command queries google the map link.
Change Working mode commands are: m1,20# m2,620# m3,20# m4#
Instructions described: m1 is Mode 1, 20 is upload interval time. The upload interval time of Mode 1 and Mode 3 are 10- 65535 Seconds.
The upload interval time of Mode 2 is 300-65535 Seconds. (Details about the upload interval please check command sheet)
GPS Tracking System
Login screen
Real time tracking
History track playback