Android LG optimus v factory reset

NOTE: didn't worked for me, I returned the phone in the end.

Android LG optimus v factory reset
1. Turn off your LG Optimus V.

2. Press and hold the following keys for over 5 seconds: Down volume key + Home + Power

3. When the power turns on, release these keys.

3G Drops & Standby Battery Drain (Solutions)

The steps were as follows:

* Check "Time Without a Signal": Home, Menu, Settings, About Phone, Battery Use, click "Cell Standby" and not the value. It should be close to 0% if you've been in 3G range. 50% indicates a definite problem.

To "Fix" - Note the original poster says this change will reset if you reboot the phone and need to be redone:

* Dial *#*#4636#*#* which will go to the phone's "Testing" menu.
* Click "Phone Information", then Menu, then click "Select radio band".
* Click "Force Close" and return back to "Phone Information"
* Scroll down to "Set preferred network type:"
* Click the "Set preferred network type:" button and select "CDMA only".
* Click the "Set preferred network type:" button again and reselect "CDMA auto (PRL)".

As mentioned in the link, now charge your phone to reset the battery usage statistics and after an hour or so monitor the "Time without a signal" value. The problem seems to be from an incorrect network type value that is originally set/saved despite it showing the correct value.

Some people also note that they get better battery usage with WiFi left on vs 3G. I'm not sure if this is due to this issue or not, but I'll do further tests leaving WiFi on tonight after a full recharge.

The default WiFi "Sleep Policy" on the Optimus V is set to turn WiFi off "When screen turns off". If WiFi is truely better, then one would need to set this to "Never". (Note on some other phones WiFi defaults to "Never" sleep.) To change the setting:

* Home, Menu, Settings, Wireless & Network, Wi-Fi Settings
* Click the Menu button and select "Advanced"
* Select "Wi-Fi sleep policy" and change to the desired value

Note: this information was copied from the links below for personal reference.

3G Drops & Standby Battery Drain (Solutions)

LG Optimus V Factory Reset