Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid running on MacBook Pro

Got my hands on a MacBook Pro, nice hardware :).

I don't really like the wireless card,
intel wireless would be better,
and I would prefer Intel to nvidia gfx,
but the rest is OK.

The config is very stable running Karmic or Lucid.
Started by using Lucid 32 bit with pae kernel,
and moved to the 64 bit in April, and works great also.

Yesterday night found some time to write up:

Seems pretty easy, and works great.


  1. I upgraded from Karmic in Jan and just update the machine twice a week, so I'm on a daily build.

  2. What about the 2010 latest models?


    Do they work with 10.04? BTW, the ubuntu wiki does not say if the FN (or whatever mac call the brightness, vol, etc.) keys work?

    Do you mind a word of advice. I am looking for a new quality notebook to install Ubuntu 10.04 as a single OS.

    I have only and always used PC's in the past. Thinkpad T410 would have been my choice but the screen is not excellent.

    And I came on this Ubuntu MacBookPro thread.

    Do Mac behave the same as PC when running Ubuntu Linux?

    Thanks for any input, advice, comparison, to help me decide.


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