PS3 black screen and freeze with Netflix, Hulu plus, and Home

I spent a few days trying to figure out why my netflix, hulu and Home stop working on my PS3.

I tried everything, formatting the hd, reset to default settings, change resolution, hold the POWER button for 5 secs, reinstalling those Applications, nothing worked.

The only thing that worked was to reinstall firmware 3.55 again using the following instructions.

Follow "Activating Safe Mode" from the link below and then select the option to update the firmware from a USB drive.

Get the firmware from the link below put it on the right PS3/update folder on a USB key/drive:

After the firmware was updated to the same 3.55 version I already had, NetFlix, Hulu, MLB.TV and Home all magically started to work again.

So it seems that Sony screwed up, with the update made from inside XMB in some manner.

I hope this is useful to someone else, I wish I could get back my last 4 days wasted on this stupid problem.

This is not related to OSS, but I think sharing this will save lot of hours to someone else out there and maybe they will use those some OSS code. :)