Lenovo Q150 pics

The box comes with a
  • LQ150 desktop
  • small wireless keyboard/mouse
  • vesa mount (mount to the back of TV)
  • base mount (desk base)
Specs are:
  • Atom D510 Dual Core/64 bit
  • 250 Gb WD HD
  • 2Gb DDR2 Mem
  • Wireless Card
  • 100Mb Ethernet
  • NVidia ION gfx

Some pics:

More Pics:



  1. Thanks for posting your experience with the Lenovo Q150 and Ubuntu 10.4. I have a Q150 on the way and plan to put Lucid on it first thing. Just wondering if you had any trouble with the basic installation. I've read of trouble with the wifi module and network card of the Q150 in Linux. Thanks again.

  2. Check my previous post, I updated it with the problems I found.

  3. Hi, I'm attempting to open one of these to upgrade the RAM. I've got the screws out, but seem to have some resistance in trying to open it. Are there certain tabs that must be depressed to open it? Thanks so much!

  4. Also remove the VGA screws. this a snap in cover try to remove it from where all the ports are, and go around try to un-snap it one edge at a time, that should do it.

  5. hello :)

    I have a problem with my lenovo q150
    it dosent work very well..When i push the power button of the computer
    works fine for a couple minutes and after that.. the computer shut down like crazy then I have to turn on the computer again ..and the same history .. What do u think that it is??

    I've got the screws out and i remove the VGA screws to examine it ( how many screws do i have to remove to open the lenovo q150?) .. cuz i think that the power button is the wrong one.

    ps: Sorry about my english

    by the way i like ur blog

  6. You have to remove all screws including the VGA bolts.

  7. Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried to upgrade the RAM to 4gb? I know the manufacturer says 2gb max, but i don't see where the limitation is. The D510 supports 4gbs, windows 7 supports it, and i think the chip-set supports 4gbs as well.


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