Chromeos containers and vms - Ubuntu, Debian

VM commands - basic gentoo VM compiled by google to be small and fast

vsh dev - get a console for that vm
vmc start dev - also gets you a console and starts a vm
vmc stop dev - stop a vm (does not do much)
vmc destroy dev - (only works sometimes)
vmc list
vmc container

Inside the VM - in a vm you can create multiple containers --container_name=devCon --user=lafaspot
lxc list - list all VMs
lxc image list - list all VM images on the box

Create a debian stable vm, using chromeos utility shell file, that provides better integration with chromeos. --container_name=devCon --user=USERID

Ubuntu setup

lxc image copy ubuntu:18.10 local: --alias ubuntu1810
lxc launch ubuntu1810 cosmic
lxc exec cosmic -- bash

Goto to my github project to setup chromeos integration with your new ubuntu container