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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, UbunutGnome 14.04 support for high resolution in Yoga Pro 2

Support for high resolution in Yoga Pro 2

I installed the 3 Ubuntu variants from scratch in Yoga Pro 2, to test what was the best support for the hardware and Hires.

On the hardware front all the Ubuntu 14.04 support the Yoga Pro 2 very well, see the other posts.

On HiRes all distros have problems. The best is UbuntuGnome 14.04.

UbuntuGnome detects the HiRes from the beginning and most applications installed by default don't have any problems.

Ubuntu with Unity requires going to settings and select the menu scale to 2 and after that is very similar to UbuntuGome, but the problem with Ubuntu with Unity is that most of the default apps still don't support Hires.

Kubuntu requires tweaking fonts, icons and several other settings, to be able to use native resolution, and is not perfect but very usable.

If you decide to go with 1080p, all the 3 distros work great.

If you are really like Hires I would recommend going with UbuntuGnome for now.

Screen shoot on my Yoga Pro 2

Screen shoot on my Yoga Pro 2

See the other posts for more detail on each distro.

UbuntuGnome 14.04 running on yoga pro 
Ubuntu 14.04 running in yoga pro 2

Kubuntu14.04 running in yoga pro 2


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