Ubuntu 12.04 on Lenovo Q150 with OCZ vertex 2 SSD and 4Gb of Memory

See my old post about about Lenovo Q150, OCZ vertex 2, 4gb of Memory and Ubuntu 11.04 installed on a SSD and using 4Gb of mem.

For ubuntu 12.04 on the Q150, I used a usbdrive flashed using "Startup Disk Creator" from ubuntu 11.10. to save the SSD from constant writes, I did not create a swap partition. I created only one partition and rely on 4Gb of real memory for all the memory needs.

Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop
This build detects all the hardware without problems, I recommend installing the nvidia drivers for better 3D and flash performance.

This new version boots faster and feels faster on the Q150 when compared to ubuntu 11.10.
I recommend the update since the install is a breeze and all hardware is setup without any fuzz. The sound, hdmi video out, wired network, wifi, a Logitech bluetooth keyboard, a usb wireless Logitech mouse, logitech usb sound bar speakers, blue-tooth dongle for the keyboard, all works great. I didn't found time to test hdmi sound out, but it should work since it worked on 11.10.


I installed flash, chromium, banshee and hplip  for my wifi hp photosmart c8180 All-in-one printer using "Ubuntu Software center".

banshee and chromium

Hulu desktop


Hulu Desktop
Dropbox and Google Music Manager

Google Music Manager 


Select upload music, download 64 bit version, and double click on it to install it.

Also add it to startup from shutdown menu.

You can also get Google earth, chrome, gtalk plugin:


run command:
sudo apt-get install skype

Since this is so basic, I don't think there is much more to write about Ubuntu 12.04 installation and compatibility with the Q150, it all works great.