Skype Philips VOIP841 Skype Hardware Real Phone (Philips VOIP841)

I finally decided to get a skype hardware phone.

I tried the 2 wifi models (belkin/netgear) and the Philips VOIP841.

I decided to keep the Philips VOIP841.
This is a very stable phone that redirects skype calls to other phones (like your CELL phone), and allows it to ring just like a regular phone when a Skype user calls your Skype ID, it also replaces your normal house phone because it can use the legacy land line (I don't have one, but people who do, will appreciate this)

SKype uses a proprietary protocol and the company does not provide
any open implementation of the protocol :(
But without any questions the Skype 1.4 Linux client and these new hardware phones skype compatible are the best voip devices in the market (price/quality).

These new phones do not require any computer and work just like a regular phone, are easy to use and appeal to non-geek, non-tech individuals that just want to make voice calls.

I have the phone for 3 months, and I still consider it on of my best buys this year.
Easy to use, easy to setup and any one in the family can use it.

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