Ubuntu 9.04 3D Desktop

Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 alpha6 with the latest updates as of 21 March 2009.
Compiz and cairo-dock are enabled.
The demo was recorded with gtk-recordmydesktop and upload to youtube without changes.

I used a Thinkpad T61p with a nvidia card

The video was recorded at 1920x1200 15fps at the same time as all those apps where running, sometimes it looks a bit sloppy
, but on the screen of the t61p it looked very fluid and smooth.

I think gtk-recordmydesktop
was probably not able to grab all the video glory from the video card.


  1. nice. what video player are you using?

  2. It is using Miro and the Hulu web site with the pop-out view.

  3. would you mind sharing the wallpaper? thx

  4. Most of my wallpapers are from http://www.webilder.org/, it is a tool that downloads wallpapers from flicker based on keywords

  5. how to setting desktop like this?
    is this default from ubuntu?

  6. Check my other posts with the HOWTO title.


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