How-to flash the bios using Linux

Goto under "Normal Bootdisk"


Create a folder, unzip the floppy image, mount the floppy image:
sudo mkdir /tmp/biosdisk
gunzip FDSTD.288.gz
sudo mount -t vfat FDSTD.288 /tmp/biosdisk -o loop,r
cd /tmp/biosdisk
Copy all the files you need. Example:
cp /home/lafa/bios/AWDFLASH.EXE .
cp /home/lafa/bios/SG33S117.BIN .

Exit the folder, umount, create the ISO file:
cd ~/
sudo umount /tmp/biosdisk
mv FDSTD.288 boot.IMA
mkisofs -o bootcd.iso -b boot.IMA -c ./boot.IMA
Burn the bootcd.iso file, with your favorite burn utility.
Boot your pc using this CD.