Ubuntu 64 Bits on Shuttle SG33G5


Q6600 Quad core
2 SATA seagate 750Gb
1 DVD burner memorex
2 2Gb DDR2 Corsair

1 - Booting after install

I found some problems with Gutsy, installing it from the CD, it did not boot from the HD after installation was done.
When I changed the Bios from IDE to ACHI it worked fine.

2 - USB DVI switcher makes Gutsy stop booting process.

I have a DVI monitor switch for 4 computers with USB/mouse/sound switching support.
Gutsy does not boot if the USB cable is connected, it gets stuck after loading the kernel. I removed the USB cable from the DVI switcher, Plug in just a USB keyboard to the box. Booted again, and gutsy starts fine. After gutsy is started I plug the DVI switcher and it works just fine.

3 - Gutsy 32bit can only see 3.5Gb of memory. This is related with 32 bit limitations.

Fix: I installed the 64 it's version and all is fine.

Flash will give you some pain to get it working on gutsy 64 bit. So I used this method:

4 - Dual screen monitor

Run xrandr and add this to xorg.conf file

Section "Screen"
SubSection "Display"
>> Virtual 2048 2048

This command enabled Dual monitor support:
xrandr --output VGA --mode 1920x1200 --pos 0x0 --output TMDS-1 --mode 1280x720 --pos 0x1200

Helpfull link:

5 - Problems I still need help

- Have the HDMI port detect my HDTV native resolution
- Have sound output thru the HDMI cable directly to the TV.

6 - Updates

On Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy the sound thu HDMI works, it is detected as another alsa sound card.
I still have problem detecting 1080i resolution of my HD TV, but 720p works great.
And the new Monitor Resolution Settings tool works great to enable/disable and position the screens and select resolutions.