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Asus Chromebook C302 with Android Apps

I got a Asus chromebook 302 that comes with a Intel core m3, 64Gb, 4Gb of memory.

Some problems I got on my device:

After I enabled the android app store the laptop started to reboot randomly. I tried removing the apps and switching chrome os channels, but it did not fix the problem.

So I decide to create a recovery SDCard using chrome recovery utility. I re-imaged the laptop with the an SD card, using the instructions from the chrome recovery utility.

After that the laptop booted in stable channel, I update the laptop to the latest stable image. After that

I switched to the Dev channel and the laptop has been working great with zero reboots for a week. I think the default image the laptop came imaged with was not working properly.

After the recovery image process, my Asus C302 is super stable.

List of Applications I am running:
Pandora, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Hangouts, Play Newstand, Hangouts Dialer, Calendar, Photos, Npr One, Voxer, Twilight, Firefox, Youtube, Google wifi, Hi…